Raise The Horns For Halloween / Black Pumpkin Decoration

Halloween decorations are always a bit too bright for my liking. I'm all black everything all the time. If you're the same, and find that even pumpkins are a bit too jolly, paint one of the colourful vegetables with flat black paint to create a unique and suitably bleak Halloween decoration. Source.


Transfixed by this promo video for SansSourci - a new art book including the work of a whole host of contemporary artists. There's really no better way to spent 1 minute thirty seconds. The theme of the first edition is the 'bestiary' and the exorcism of human ancestral fears through their artistic representation. Our video… Continue reading Transformation

Black Metal Burger

What you're seeing here isn't photoshop, I promise. Burger King in Japan thought their burgers were getting a bit, well, boring, so decided to do something really quite EXTREME. In case you're wondering how they managed to create this spectacle, they blackened the bun using bamboo charcoal and the cheese with squid ink. I needed… Continue reading Black Metal Burger