365 Days Of Dark Art : 122 / Bear Kirkpatrick

The art Bear Kirkpatrick has long held a place in my heart...and I can never get enough of it. I highly recommend you make a visit to his website, and - as well as studying his art - also make the time to read his fascinating bio. Here's a little extract: 'Bear Kirkpatrick’s forbearers were… Continue reading 365 Days Of Dark Art : 122 / Bear Kirkpatrick

365 Days Of Dark Art : 55 / Liza Corbett

Liza Corbett's exquisite, strange art is melancholy heavy. Influenced by nineteenth-century spiritualism, by Dark Romanticism, and by myths, fables and old tales, Liza aims to create images that, like tarot or other methods of divination, suggest a strange and impenetrable significance underlying our worldly existence. - Liza Corbett