365 Days Of Dark Art : 122 / Bear Kirkpatrick

The art Bear Kirkpatrick has long held a place in my heart…and I can never get enough of it. I highly recommend you make a visit to his website, and – as well as studying his art – also make the time to read his fascinating bio. Here’s a little extract:

‘Bear Kirkpatrick’s forbearers were an ad hoc mixture of adventurer-navigators, naturalists, whalers, Puritans, dissidents, judges, and witches.  He was born in the American south to a mother raised in Brahmin Boston and to a Harvard-educated geologist father who, several days after Bear’s birth, was sent across the world to war in the jungles of Southeast Asia.  His upbringing was scattered across the Eastern seaboard, resting longest on a farm in New Hampshire during his teen years where he learned the survival skills of tracking, fishing, and hunting.’

Bear Kirckpatrick


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