Some Of The Art I Encountered In 2020

I will probably spend a few more days posting about 2020. I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t encounter much art in 2020 thanks to depression clouding nearly every one of my days, making it impossible for me to see, hear or feel anything.

The art that did find its way through and into my life however – mostly in the later part of the year – impacted me in such a way as art has never impacted me before. I didn’t imagine I could experience a deeper and more profound gratitude for art – and those that create it – but being able to see again after such a long time of being kept in the dark has made it happen. I hope, I really hope that you will find an artist here, or perhaps several, whose work you will begin to follow with a feverish passion.

p.s. If you click on an image, you’ll be taken straight to the artist’s Instagram account.

What I Was Listening To When I Was Putting This Post Together

The Gods Are Speaking by Crown Of Asteria

Torchbearer by Crown Of Asteria

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