Sound Of The Day : Sadness

I went in search of the origins of the Atmospheric BM band Sadness after I’d been swept up by Tundra, the 18th release since the birth of the project in 2014.

I was expecting to see a wealth of names attached to the Sadness Metal Archives page, and nearly spat out my tea to see that it was a single human being behind EVERYTHING.

And not only a single human being, but a NINETEEN YEAR OLD human being.

How someone who’s only been on planet earth since 1997 is capable of creating such masterful black metal is beyond my comprehension. But good on the them, the future is as bright as an exploding sun for Sadness.

I feel like I ought to give some praise to Min Woo Bang, the talented artist who created the exceptionally moody artwork for this compilation. I want it on my wall to get lost in, while I’m enveloped in the beautifully gloomy sound of Tundra all over again.

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