Valkyrie’s Lullaby, Etc.

Several months ago, Meghan Wood, my bandmate in Cave Mouth, sent me this video of Lasair inghen ui h’Airt performing her extraordinary song Valkyrie’s Lullaby.

Naturally, I became obsessed. I mean, who wouldn’t? Of course, we needed to do a cover, no question about it. But life, as it has the want to do, became extremely horribly, extremely quickly, and it was, as most other projects, put on the back burner.

But a little while ago I found the will to record it, and yesterday it went on Bandcamp. The cover art features a photograph of one of my closest friends, Giorgia Sottotetti, which I took in Iceland.

Listening back to the track, it’s come to my attention that the ‘gusto’ I thought I’d put into my vocals wasn’t nearly as much as what was needed. When I think I’m giving it my all, I need to give it that big bit more.


I’m also proud to have contributed vocals to Megan’s main project Crown of Asteria, for a track called Flanked By Lions (Title and a half, huh?!) which features on a solid and diverse release called Theurgy.


Also, I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not back in the Dark Ages when I last posted, but I wrote a song called Mother for the horror synth project Bogwitch, and their latest album Tales From The Swamp, a phenomenally eerie and weird collection of songs, and I’m NOT ONLY SAYING THAT. If you enjoy this blog, I’m pretty damn certain you’d enjoy Tales From The Swamp.


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