What Wyrd Shit Is She Up To Now?

Well met, friends. Hope you’re all having a better week than me. I haven’t been feeling good for a while now. It like I have the flu that can’t decide if it wants to be full-on flu or not, so it’s just toying with me. As a result, my concentration is buggered, and I’m not getting much done, so you’ll have to bear with the sporadic posts. 

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll be a bit more clued up as to what the other issues with my health are (though you can probably guess because I’ve been whining on about it so much over here already). Still, I won’t go into them in this post because I’ve had enough of spreading misery for one day. You’re welcome. 


Creatrix: She Who Makes by Lucy H Pearce

I’m not long into this (though I’ve already joined its linked Facebook group), and I’m reaping much empowerment from it. By the way, my wyrd and darkly inclined lady friends, don’t let the brightly coloured cover shock you into not buying it; it’s a must-read for any woman who makes. 

Read this description lifted from the book’s Amazon page as it does a better job at describing what it’s all about than I can. ‘Creatrix is more than just a fancy name for a female artist. She is artist plus…artist plus priestess, artist plus healer, artist plus activist: her work has both sacred and worldly dimensions. She is an energy worker first and foremost, weaving energy into form, colour, words and sound, in order to transform herself and those her creations touch. What does it mean to live a life in service to your creativity, and in direct connection to the creative source?’ Want to read it yet? It’s less than a fiver on Amazon when you buy the Kindle version. 

Summer: An Anthology For The Changing Seasons edited by Melissa Harrison

Summer is the third in a quartet of seasonal anthologies edited by the uber-talented Melissa Harrison. I loved Winter and enjoyed Spring, but I’m struggling with Summer. (Though I sort of expected I would.) I’m quick to guess it’s because summer is a season I don’t connect with. I find that, when I try and read, my attention wants to wander elsewhere. I’ll persevere, though, because Harrison is an excellent editor, and I’m confident that, before I’m done, I’ll encounter writings that’ll have me scrabbling for my pen and notebook.

Feck Perfuction: Dangerous Ideas on the Business of Life By James Victore. 

I don’t know. I thought I knew what I was getting into with this book – encountering profound ways to optimise my creativity – but it’s not living up to my expectations. I’m only a bit of the way through, though, so there’s still time for something to click. However, I’m getting that sly feeling I should ditch it and run.



Oh hell. I don’t even know why I started watching this. (I do know why I started watching this.) It is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, and it makes me so frustrated (not sexually, most definitely not sexually, and it certainly doesn’t make me lament the fact it’s been a year, thereabouts, since I’ve seen a penis in real life.) I want to throttle each and every character. The writing is dreadful. The plot is garbage. The acting is so poor it makes me wince hard enough to end up with a permanent squint. I’m going to be muttering about how dreadful it is for the rest of my life while berating myself for even giving it some of my ‘one wild and precious life.’ (Mary Oliver, by the way.)

Listening To 

This fucking masterpiece. It’s been on for around six hours over the past couple of days. I’ve been stressed. It’s been helping. Also, is it me or are those fingers the most gorgeous fingers to have ever graced a fretboard?


I’ve been trying to diversify my diet to try and heal my stomach myself because, from the looks of things, my doctor has no intention of trying to give me real help in discovering the cause of my problems. One of the meals I’ve been changing up is breakfast, and I want to share this insanely good and insanely healthy chia pudding recipe that I found and adapted…yes, PUDDING FOR BREAKFAST, WE’RE ADULTS NOW, WE DO WHAT WE WANT. And don’t worry. No seven thousand word essay about how it’s changed my life before you get to see the recipe. We don’t do that here. 


240 ml light coconut milk (I used coconut milk from a tin, but you can use coconut milk from a carton. That’s what I was probably supposed to use anyway.)

40 grams chia seeds

½ tbsp maple syrup

(Makes 2 servings unless ferociously hungry.)


Mix all the ingredients together, pour into two glasses, cover and refrigerate for four hours or overnight. EAT. Don’t feel you have to just have it for breakfast, I have it for supper some evenings.

2 thoughts on “What Wyrd Shit Is She Up To Now?”

  1. Sex/Life is indeed abominable. Luckily, I managed to banish it from my laptop before the end of the second episode.

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