Justell Vonk : The Artist Who Brought Wyrd Words & Effigies Back From The Dead

I was sure that I wasn’t going to come back here. That Wyrd Words & Effigies was a closed chapter in my life.

Now, I’m usually alright at moving past stuff and taking myself to lush pastures of new projects…but then something unexpected happened.

Thanks to Instagram, I fell headfirst into the world of illustrator Justell Vonk and within a matter of seconds, EVERYTHING changed.

Her art was too occulty, too dark folklory, too creepy, too me to keep quiet about. It wasn’t enough to just share it with my near and dear, whom, I figured, wouldn’t give it the level of appreciation it truly deserves because of it reaching level pro of freakiness.

So here I am. Again. For good this time.

And here Justell is, with illustrations to decorate your very best nightmares, the ones that never really leave you.

Winter Nights

My art roots began in my childhood, I’ve drawn as long as I can remember. I remember myself as a child drawing stories and comics just for myself. I think I felt a gap in the world around me that needed to be filled with something that would be mine. – Mad Art Magazine Interview

The Moon And The Sun


Almost all of the creatures in my drawings come directly from my dreams. I wouldn’t call them nightmares – my nightmares are about different things. Usually these dreams come to me when I’m only half asleep. It happens usually a couple seconds before falling asleep. They just suddenly appear in my mind. Sometimes there’re hordes of them and they’re doing all kinds of different things, and I can hardly remember all of them. Usually I have to get up right after these visions and make a sketch, without even turning on the light. Or, if I’m too lazy for that, I simply open my eyes and pronounce what I saw. I love it when I succeed in capturing these creatures. – A Course In Dying Interview

And She Came Back
Over There

Sometimes my drawings almost make me mad when they demand something like covering a huge field of paper with stippling or tiny lines, but at that point, your artwork is already full force and dictating something that there is no way you can protest. – Cvlt Nation Interview







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