Re-Visiting Osteal, Provider Of Scavenged Talismans

It was way back in 2012 – the year before Wyrd Words & Effigies launched – that I encountered Osteal, provider of earthy talismans from woodswoman Amanda Joe.

I remember I bought a deer vertebrae necklace from her (thus starting my obsession with crafting my own jewellery from bones) and wore it to death.

My curiosity about Amanda, and her ways of ‘honouring nature by creating art,’ led me to interview her and keep in touch with what she’s been crafting from the wild things she’s found on her wanderings.

Since 2012 her business has done naught but flourish. Along with her partner Sean, Amanda has branched out with her offerings, and has a wide variety of handcrafted treasures available, including wall hangings, stickers, charms, zines and patches.

If you haven’t encountered Osteal until today, I hope with all hope that I’ve introduced you to an artist and a cause you’ll feel with your whole heart that you want to to support. I’ve put some of my favourite creations from her store down below.

Osteal : made of or resembling bone (ahs – tee – ull)

Earthy, Strange and Striving to be ethical and sustainable in all aspects of life.

Some background on our Philosophy : Our natural items are found by luck and season the types of bones/wood/herbs we find will vary greatly – just as it does in Nature. When we are lucky enough to meet other ethical scavengers we do trade bones, supplies and raw materials. (we do not buy bulk bones online, we do not support fur farms, factory farms, trapping, trophy hunting or the exotic pet trade)

What does being cruelty free mean to Osteal? It means free of intentional human cruelty. No animal was knowingly made to suffer at the hands of man, the animal was free and wild until it’s death. (we do not enjoy finding roadkill, it still makes us sad, and we only take what we can use)

A portion of the money from my shop goes to charities such as: Defenders of Wildlife, The Audubon Society, Northwest Wildlife, Wolf Haven International, local no-kill shelters and W.W.F.  – Osteal Etsy

Deer Scapula


Cobalt Hanging Art Wreath


Fringe Moon


Moon Necklace


Scavenger Zine


Pinecone Earrings









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