It was thanks to Haute Macabre that I was introduced to Below.…’A lifestyle shop for the rest of us.’  I have talked about dozens of lifestyle stores on WW&E over the past several years, but Below  – which was born on All Hallows’ Eve 2013 – looks to be one of the most special.

Offering dark art and adornments from 75 creators from around the world, those behind the endeavour are invested in creating a community of like-minded individuals.

I was psyched when I was navigated to their homepage which is so fucking perfect in its minimalistic creepiness. After ‘entering,’ I was led to a beautifully arranged, stupendously creative store display, which I honestly can’t fault.

Below is somewhere I really want to spend hours (and money.)

Some of the 75 artists, designers and writers Bellow are collaborating with I’ve long been infatuated with, including LVNEA, Sonya Vatomsky and FloridXFauna. And there’s many I haven’t yet heard of, but am dying to get to know.

Below I’ve gathered together some favourite products from each section of the store…all of which are now sitting on my wish list.

P.S. Below are currently hosting their OCTOBER SALE! Get 20% OFF WITH CODE ‘ALLISHELL’


Fern Huile Parfum / LVNEA / $35.00


Wyvern Rib Bangle / Birds N Bones/ $96.00


Serpentine Harness / BLACKHORNE / $120.00


Silver Owl Talon Earrings / Eilisain / $100


Grand Cluster Ring / Hexorn / $435


Aiyana I Stash Pouch / Pochaunted / $50.00


Coffin Nail Necklace / Open The Cellar Door / $26.00


Sleep Waks 03 / Small Ghosts / $5.00


As Above, So Below Art Print / Brandon Geurts / $15.00



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