Where To, Hair? Part II

If you come here regularly, you might recall me grumbling about my hair and its lack of volume the other day, and that I was thinking about doing something drastic to it, i.e. adding to layers or going short.

Thankfully, a fellow long haired female friend warned me that getting layers when you have long, thin hair is a massive mistake, as it makes your hair look even thinner.

With that idea thrown out to sea, I went back to the drawing board AKA Pinterest and searched for short styles that I thought I might suit. One of my main hair influences right now is Norwegian singer Aurora Aksnes.

Like I mentioned in my other post, I want to ensure that my hairdressers knows what is going to be right for me face. If they say any of the above will be good, I think I will hand them the scissors myself.

Some other potential cuts.

Of course I’ve been thinking to myself, ‘Oh Katie, you know you’ll regret it. Just imagine what you might lose if you go short…’ But then another thought creeps in and says, ‘Yeah, but just imagine what you might gain.’

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