6 Tote Bags For The Darkly Inclined

Totes. I’m obsessed with them. I always, always, al-ways have one on my person. I love it that while a tote bag is precious, it’s not so precious that you can’t stuff it into your rucksack or get it dirty or misshape it with too heavy library boots.

Since 2015 I’ve been using my Norwegian Rat Tote Bag and I feel like I’ve forgotten a limb if I leave the house without it. And, the majority of the time when I’ve left it behind, I’ll be in dire need of its ample space to carry whatever it is I’ve found in the forest or the library or the supermarket.

I could really do with having a decent collection of totes, to suit the day and my mood, and because there are too many heart stopping dark art designs out there not to. And,
because in Autumn and Winter I’m always lugging more stuff around; scarves, gloves, hats, books, gifts that I’ve randomly found…

So, I’ve been doing a hunt on Society6 for some of the best dark totes to put on my ‘to buy’ list. Virtual shopping on Society6 is one of the best ways to while away a few hours. I like leaving things to chance and just browsing, and that’s what I did to find the 10 totes down below, each one just as perfect as the one before.

One of the best things about getting a tote from Society6 is that you’re supporting artists and designer and photographers in doing what they love to do! You’re helping them live the life of art, and that’s one of the most special things a human being can do for another human being.

For the record, there is 25% off EVERYTHING in the Society6 store today!

After We Die Tote Bag / VA103


Moon Phases Tote Bag / PeachAndGold


The Heart Of My Heart Tote Bag / Tordis Kayma


Banshee Tote Bag / Jana Heidersdorf Illustration


A Wolf In The Night Tote Bag / ND Tank


Moon Blinked / Kerby Rosanes





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