Art In The Dark : Aleksandra Waliszewska

This piece of art by Aleksandra Waliszewska  was floating around on my Facebook news feed the other day…

Aleksandra Waliszewska

..and I promptly became infatuated. I saved it to my desktop, vowing to myself that I’d do a post dedicated to her obscure artistry.

Born in 1976 Aleksandra Waliszewska is considered to be one of Poland’s most talented young artists. Writer Lorelei Ramirez described her art as perfectly as anyone every could, saying she ‘makes nightmares look beautiful.’

When Waliszewska creates, she doesn’t do so for a particular exhibition, or what have you. Nor does she wait for inspiration to come and tap her on the shoulder. But instead creates using a ‘methodical’ approach.’

“Her technique varies from a childlike nonchalance to detailed precision in her depictions of uncanny scenes of battling beasts, children lost in the woods, skulls and skeletons, portraits of faces with missing features or exposed musculature. A lone baby elephant would be sweet if not for the unnervingly evil expression on its face. Her works are unpleasant, often obscene, yet there is something magical about them that draws the viewer in and holds tight. She draws on a shared magazine of popular symbols from horror films, comic books, heavy metal and current events.” – Agnieszka Le Nart










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