Art In The Dark : Akira Kusaka

The other week I stumbled across a random image and saved it on my desktop so that I could, at a later date, dive into the depths of the internet and find out what I could about the artist behind the work. The piece of art which I saved was this…

Akira Kusaka

…and it was created by Akira Kusaka, an illustrator and graphic designer from Osaka, Japan, who has a knack for creating sublimely eerie scenes.

“The focus of Kusaka’s artwork exists somewhere just outside one’s line of vision. Though the subjects of his illustrations are often front and center; they appear to exist as part of a much larger, foggier, spookier world.” – Liah Paterson

tumblr_ohv0fetDJu1rcbr54o1_1280tumblr_ok8ya2goRC1rcbr54o1_1280218664f49438e17ee85a86fedb0dab5d1f13ebb9f2671db820871e41ecde25ccAkira Kusakaakirakusaka1akirakusaka2Akira-Kusaka3-500x497



More Akira Kusaka




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