Sound Of The Day : Elysian Fields

I have just spent the past hour on Metal Archives with the intention of finding myself some new black metal – bands I’ve never encountered before – to indulge my senses in and to treat you to, but found myself at a horrible fucking loss after investigating several projects and being disappointed by every. single. one.

It was my goal, in February, to find and fall in love with a new project every day and share my findings, as always, over here. So, naturally, I wanted to kick start the proceedings with my favoured genre. But alas, today it wasn’t to be.

*Any music recommendations, bm or otherwise are greatly appreciated!*

(The other day I was so fucked off that I couldn’t find anything decent in my hunt for astoundingly good bm that I ended up consoling myself with every Burzum album since 2010. Belus, Fallen, Umskiptar, Sôl austan, Mâni vestan and The Ways Of Yore lessened my pissed offness for a little while…)

After mourning for a few minutes, I vaulted over to Last.FM and began a search through ‘Artists Similar To Chelsea Woolfe.’ After about six pages, I landed on Elysian Fields and they roused my curiosity enough for me to do a little bit of investigating. Red Riding Hood was my very first encounter with this ‘noir rock’ band from Brooklyn, and, though it’s a little more ‘sensual’ than the stuff I tend to get obsessed with, I’m really fucking feeling it!

2 thoughts on “Sound Of The Day : Elysian Fields”

  1. you should make a spotify playlist of your recommendations or even a soundcloud playlist! you have posted a bunch of awesome music, thank you!

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