Black Shuck Discovery

I doubt that I’m the only one who’s had a life-long fascination with monstrous black dogs. In the North of England, our legendary black dog goes by the name Barghest, and is considered to be an omen of death. According to legend, if you hear the beast howl, death will be taking you shortly. I first became acquainted with the Barghst through The celebrated Whitby Witches trilogy by Robin Jarvis, an author I can’t recommend highly enough.


However, the Barghest is one of many black dog legends that have survived in the British Isles, and today’s post leads to an archaeological discovery in Suffolk, where the remains of an enormous dog were recently uncovered. In this part of the country, the beast goes by the title Black Shuck. Interestingly, the remains were found near to where an ancient legend tells of a hell hound who terrorized villagers and killed members of a church congregation. You can read the full article here.

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