Teramis/Áillen: The Burner – EP Review

Dark ambient project Teramis was founded in 2009 as a means for founder and sole member Eric Jehlen to express his passion for black metal, and to stick two fingers up at the forces that have limited his time on earth. Musical influences include Lord Wind, Buzum and Nest.

The first track, Eve of Samhain/Aillen’s Awakening/Lull of Slumber immediately evokes memories of Era 1 Mortiis. It has an imposing, yet deeply melancholic feel about it. The unhurried tempo works its way into my system and I find myself utterly engrossed. Two minutes in, and the atmosphere becomes considerably darker, as if clouds have descended, and brought with them a thick fog. It makes me feel slightly disorientated, though I’m finding the whole experience particularly stirring. Everything else has fallen away, and it’s just me and the music. Five minutes pass before I’ve had time to release my breath and take another. Just past the mid-way point, the track turns back on itself, and we’re lifted above the fog, then dropped down once again. It’s a bold, courageous, highly professional track, with a hell of a lot of substance. It makes for a really strong, satisfying beginning to the EP.

The second track Dragon’s Breath/Tara’s Destruction builds up quickly. There’s an especially ominous feel and sound to this track. It’s short but majorly effective.

The third and final track, Fionn Slayer of Aillen begins with quite a majestic sound. This track feels slightly more experimental, and at times reminds me of Lustre. It’s hypnotic and heavy with mystery. There’s no considerable alternation in tempo, and this goes for the whole EP, but to be honest it doesn’t matter in the slightest. This consistently similar tempo works to hypnotise me as a listener. The track comes to a close with another majestic hit, and leaves me wanting more.

Aillen The Burner is an uncluttered, satisfying  release. An absolute must for anyone with a passion for dark ambient music.








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