Tuesday’s Wyrd Findings

As the weekend was majorly hectic, and Monday too, as things go, I didn’t have the time to put together some findings for you. But I hope you like what I’ve got here.

I want to make a good wage with my writing so I can spend all day, every day doing something that makes me feel alive. I also want to make a good wage so I can afford to buy unbelievably gorgeous garments, such as this Revenant Hoody by Sanctus. The founder of Sanctus, and the lady behind the designs is the immensely talented Lucinda Sinclair. She only makes 50 of each design, so you can be almost sure not to run into someone wearing the same thing.

Reverent Hoody


One of my major obsessions is making lists of black metal bands I haven’t heard before, and one by one, going through my list and checking them out. If I don’t have at least one list going at any one time I start to get agitated. But that’s enough about me. Today I came across Forgjord, a raw black metal band from Finland, and they blew me the fuck away. Every song I listened to was composed of smashing, raging waves of aggression and blackened energy.  I’ve contacted the band and you’ll be seeing an interview with them on Wyrd Words & Effigies really soon.


There’s something decidedly sinister and unsettling about this work by Matthew Dols. I like it.


Matthew Dols




Matthew Dols: http://matthewdols.com/

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”  – Mark Twain

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