In These Last Days Of Winter – The Big Freeze

Up until around three this afternoon, Friday had been all uphill. I was fed up and my thoughts were revolving around the pizza in the freezer and not the poem I was trying to scratch down on paper. I left my poem mid line, went to check my emails and found an unexpected gift -… Continue reading In These Last Days Of Winter – The Big Freeze

Antarctica’s Blood Falls

I've had a long-term obsession with the poles, but it's only recently that I learned about Antarctica's Blood Falls. My heart loves new knowledge, just as much as my brain does. Don't worry, what you're seeing in the photo below isn't the blood of a hundred thousand penguins, sacrificed in some gristly ritual. It's water… Continue reading Antarctica’s Blood Falls

Meanwhile In Antarctica

The first issue of Wyrd Words & Effigies magazine is focused on death and dying. I've tried to ensure it has a good amount of original takes on the subject, from as wide a variety of people as possible. What struck me with this piece of art when I stumbled across it on Facebook was… Continue reading Meanwhile In Antarctica