365 Days Of Dark Art : 38 / JAVIER PÉREZ

I feel invigorated and inspired by the sculptural work of multi talented Javier Pérez, an artist based in Barcelona. However, I know next to nothing about this master of sculpture, so I’ll let his words do the talking instead.

“I like dealing with points of encounter between spirit and flesh, between purity and impurity, between beauty and horror, between attraction and repulsion. I frequently use these swinging movements to offer onlookers different degrees of appreciation of my works. My works seek to reconcile all these aspects. I am interested in revealing how ambiguous these concepts are, and how reversible they can be. The idea is to confront humanity with its own condition, and for everything that humanity find frightening to take an irresistible charm. The idea is for humanity to be attracted by its own viscera.” – Javier Pérez





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