Stitching In The Dark : The Beginning

Some of my earliest memories are of sitting in my Nanna's living room during dark winter nights. It was always warm, with thick curtains keeping the cold at bay, and a gas fire quietly breathing out hot air. I don't remember it ever being cold during winter. I can remember¬† watching National Geographic documentaries about… Continue reading Stitching In The Dark : The Beginning

The Witches & Wraiths Of Instagram : Memorial Stitches

I came across Carrie Violet of Memorial Stitches when her page was suggested to me after I had followed another account. The recommended pages is one of the features of Instagram that I absolutely love. Carrie is based in the 'old north of England' and creates grim and gorgeous hand crafted decorations, inspired by the… Continue reading The Witches & Wraiths Of Instagram : Memorial Stitches