Sound Of The Day : Selvans/Downfall of Nur

For 2017's first Sound Of The Day post, I'd like to shout out about the phenomenal collaboration with Italian black metal project Selvans¬† and a long time favourite of mine, Downfall Of Nur.¬† I've been disapointed with much of the black metal from 2016, so it was something of a colossal relief to hear this… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Selvans/Downfall of Nur

Interview : Downfall of Nur

Downfall of Nur is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting black metal projects to emerge in the past few years, with a debut full-length (Umbras de Barbagia) that stole my attention and held it for weeks. I am extremely proud and delighted to present the following interview with founder Antonio Sanna, and encourage… Continue reading Interview : Downfall of Nur

Sound Of The Day : Downfall Of Nur

It was the intriguing, brooding visuals of this band which enticed me to click on Light Fox's YouTube link and investigate what they had to offer. Downfall of Nur hail from Argentina and create black metal that is refreshingly varied and utterly captivating. I've had the track Downfall of Nur taken from their 2015 full-length… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Downfall Of Nur