Interview : Jannicke Wiese-Hansen Organiser Of BlekkMetal

When I first heard about tattoo/black metal festival BlekkMetal a few weeks ago, my excitement levels went off the richter scale. It didn't take me long to get in touch with organiser and celebrated artist Jannicke Wiese-Hansen to ask for an insight into what will, undoubtedly be, one of the most significant dark cultural events… Continue reading Interview : Jannicke Wiese-Hansen Organiser Of BlekkMetal

True Norwegian Black Candle

Ever had the desire to burn a church but don't want to serve time? Well, Bergen based graphic design company Higren can make your dark dreams come true with this True Norwegian Black Candle. This latest version is inspired by Fantoft Stave Church, the church  burned to the ground by Varg Vikernes on June 6th… Continue reading True Norwegian Black Candle