100 Days Of Blogging #11 – Three Things You Should Seek Out If You Have Also Had ‘A Day’

Today has been a day. But I want to cast these things out to you in case you, too, have just had ‘a day,’ and need something to haul your head back into at least a semi-good mood.

Greg Davies: The Back Of My Mum’s Head

I thought this was a new stand-up show from Greg. It’s not. It’s from 2013. Hello, my name is Katie, and I’m late for every party. I needed to laugh last night. Like, laugh so hard I choke. Which I did – on a rice cracker spread with peanut butter. I have a thing for Greg Davies, but even if you don’t (which would be weird because he’s all kinds of attractive), put The Back Of My Mum’s Head on and just let his waves of ridiculousness wash all that ‘DAY’ away. Here’s a mouthful as an appetizer.

Unquiet Things

I can count the blogs I follow these days on one hand, and Unquiet Things written by my friend Sarah Elizabeth is one of them. It’s a box of dark delights consistently offering some of the finest writing on the WHOLE INTERNET. One of Sarah’s recent posts was the mighty 100+ Book Reviews Lost To The Ether (almost 25,000 words!), which helped me maintain my sanity through several train delays. Sarah’s taste in books is renowned for being superb, and I messaged myself the titles of several tomes which I’ll be Amazon sampling tomorrow:

In The House Of The Dark Of The Woods by Laird Hunt

Gulp by Mary Roach

Paradise Rot by Jenny Hval

The Word Pretty by Elisa Gabbert

Mouthful Of Birds by Samanta Schweblin

In The Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado

Drive Your Plough Over The Bones Of The Dead by Olga Tokarczuk

The Beauty by Aliya Whiteley

Not That Bad by Roxanne Gay

The Gentle Barn

I don’t know what to suggest if this video of rescue animals responding to their names doesn’t please you.

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