Freedom In Felt – My Filzfein Felted Collar

For years and years and YEARS, I’ve been searching for a felted collar that I could feel embody the wyrd person I am and which would accompany me on my evolvement from a broken human being to a secure, courageous, spirited woman.

I wanted a collar I could wear every day when I try and present my best self to the world and as a ritual piece when I perform on stage. I’ve always missed out on landing felted collars in the past. But I found Filzfein on Etsy and immediately developed an emotional attachment to this collar without even touching it in real life.

I was so fortunate to score this collar (though the customs bill that arrived through the door which demanded to be paid before I could actually have my collar delivered was fucking ridiculous. THANKS BREXIT), and it is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most beautiful thing I own. It is so lovingly, inventively and meticulously crafted, and I’m constantly feeling its unique textures and shapes. It is the most tremendous honour to wear it. I was thinking about trying to get Stefanie Grill, the astonishing human being being Filzfein on here for an interview. Mostly because I’m a nosy so and so and I want to get inside her head. Do you folks want to see interviews here again? It’s been a while since I’ve featured them.

Also, in case your wondering, it wasn’t the sun that made me look like this (though if I stayed out in it for more than half an hour it would…) it’s actually liquid latex, cotton wool, black paint and fake blood. And yes, it was a bastard to get off. As I was liberally slathering on the liquid latex, I was thinking to myself, ‘going to get myself a free body hair wax from this!’ However, I did not. It hurt like a bitch to remove and pulled my skin like nothing else, but not one god damn hair did it rip from the roots.

2 thoughts on “Freedom In Felt – My Filzfein Felted Collar”

  1. We’d like to see photos of you wearing this in “everyday” situations! Seems like the kind of item that would get a lot of compliments when you wear it around town.

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