Cult Sisters

When it comes to jewellery, I’m a picky bugger, as I think I’ve mentioned several hundred times before. The majority of the time, I make my own stuff, and I like it that way, except for when there’s something really, really special being crafted out there, by the likes of Burial Ground, FloridXFauna and Anu Tera.

The other day I was led along a path by Dear Darkling to Cult Sisters, a small, woman owned business based in Brooklyn, NYC.

Cult Sisters owner and designer, Erin Terror, envisions her creations as totemic objects designed to unlock and aid in the exploration of realms beyond our own.

– Cult Sisters

It was the Guide Thy Hand talisman that had me on my knees. Available in white bronze or sterling silver, this cloven hoof pendant is nothing short of perfection. Below you’ll find some of my favourite pieces from the Cult Sisters shop.

I’m going to be watching, with all four eyes, for future pieces…Erin has been inspired by the Aries and Taurus signs and I’m keeping everything crossed she’s conjure something up inspired by Virgo.

Guide Thy Hand Talisman / $60 – $120


Takes To The Sky Talisman / $60 – £120


Under The Wolf Moon Talisman / $120


Taurus Ring / $150


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