Sound Of The Day : Osi And The Jupiter

I’m steering clear of the Myrkur chaos for now, and today uncovered Osi And The Jupiter, a Northern Pagan Folk inspired project from Ohio. In case you’re wondering about the name (I know I was) the man at the helm, Sean Deth, was inspired by the names of his two German Shepherds – Osiris and Jupiter.

Bandcamp led me to their third release Uthuling Hyl, which is actually – for a US based project interpreting northern pagan beliefs  – very fucking promising. It has the mood, the pace, the everything I need on a Friday night when I’m waiting to melt into the couch with the man, the little shadow, tea, popcorn, chocolate and the second series of Broadchurch.

You can listen to the whole album below or go on over to Bandcamp. My favourite offering so far is the track Old Dead.

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