Blogging In The Dark : These Unquiet Things

It’s a rare thing a blog satisfies me enough that I’m there practically every single day, gorging on its contents. The purpose with Blogging In The Dark is to celebrate the blogs that have me coming back for more, and encourage me to uncover the other wyrdest, darkest, most addictive blogs the web has hidden away in its dusty shadows.

It’s only right that I start this series with a blog I’m haunting all the time. A blog that encourages me to step up as a writer. A blog that satisfies my needs as a compulsive reader of the weirdest shit. I blog that can make me laugh and cry and howl in anguish in the space of 100 words. That blog would be These Unquiet Things.


These Unquiet Things is a sublime – and I don’t use that word lightly – blog for ‘kindred glooms, hosted by Mlle Ghoul / S. Elizabeth.

…a fancier of fine old things, nostalgic whimsies and magics both macabre and melancholy.  She is a shadow seamstress, star stitcher, word witch and weaver of the weird.

The bleak, decorative style of These Unquiet Things is one of the many things that makes viewing this blog such a bloody pleasure. While I’m not saying the style of your blog is everything, it plays a big part in how much I want to hang around it.

Everything is right with the design of These Unquiet Things. It doesn’t scream at you and bite your face off, but rather, gives you a cool welcome, and bids you inside in a humble, yet most satisfyingly spooky way.

Through her almost daily posts, S. Elizabeth explores life as it’s happening to her. She ventures through the realms of the living, the dead and the otherworldly more successfully, much more successfully than any other dark blogger I’ve encountered to date.

One of her latest posts focuses on a recent experience with Stitch Fix, an online personal stylist service, whose impression of S. Elizabeth’s style is so fucked up, that they repeatedly send her stuff that she sends right back. As she was describing a Moselle Cardigan I actually snorted tea so hard through both of my nostrils that it hurt.

“Moselle Cardigan from The Korner. The first thing I unwrapped was this insane sweater thing. It seriously weighed a million pounds, which was the first red flag because in April, in FL, it’s already sweltering, so no one is going to want to wear your ugly crocheted cardigan made from 50 albino Fraggle pelts. Just no. This absurdity costs $128.  Also, they spelled corner with a “K”. JUST NO. I sent it back, after I broke both my arms trying to lift it back into the box.” – Stitch Fix Revisited.

Her skillful, lively, bone-shakingly hilarious writing is what keeps me coming back. Each paragraph is brilliant and strong. Never is a word used out of place, never are more words stuffed in that are needed. Everything has a reason to be there. She isn’t afraid to say what she means, and she says what she means with enviable clarity.

“I love it that you’re enthusiastic about your babbies and your doggos, and I live for seeing all of your beautiful selfies. Your political talk doesn’t bother me one iota! Sometimes, though, I got a lot of problems with you people. And now you’re gonna hear about it.” – ‘A List Of Reasons For Which I Have Unfriended People On Facebook.

There’s often so much going on at These Unquiet Things that I find myself needing to bookmark posts to return to. I’m regularly left astonished as to the sheer amount of high quality content I’m granted access to.

I’m an avid watcher-outer for her regulars like How To Wear, Currently and Links Of The Dead. And I always so a little mad dance of glee when she’s putting out something unexpected and random.


How To Wear : Your Favourite Books & Stories

If you decide to make a visit to These Unquiet Things, say I sent you and enjoy! Your life is about to get a lot more interesting and weird.

Have you visited These Unquiet Things? What do you love about it and when do you get a chance to enjoy its offerings?



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