It Was A Wyrd January

January, where oh fucking where did you go? Last time I blinked it was mid-December.

Things were a little bit quiet over here for the first month of 2017. Much quieter than I would have liked, to be honest. Long timers will know I like to keep it busy.

But I’m going to give January a final opportunity to breathe by sharing my favourite posts from the past four weeks.


Sound Of The Day : Selvans/Downfall Of Nur


Stitching In The Dark : The Beginning



Wyrd Words & Effigies : 10 Best Albums Of 2016


Katie Metcalfe Photography : Something Evil


Intriguing Instas : Hord


Obsession : Kat Von D


Watership Down Worship : Etsy Finds


Stitching In The Dark : A Week Of Swedish Words


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