Stitching In The Dark : A Week Of Swedish Words

I was excited when I woke up this morning, excited A: because there was snow outside (but also great stretches of ice which made walking to school a bitch). B: Because I had SFI and I am loving learning Swedish for real.  And C:  because after my SFI class I would be heading down the street to an embroidery emporium to stock up on some much needed black thread and a few other bits and pieces.

Sadly I didn’t get my thread…as it turns out, I’ve still to be paid for a few writing jobs, so I wasn’t able to part with krona for embroidery materials when we still have to eat something this week.

Still, I didn’t let it dissuade me from the task at hand. I chose to work with a gorgeous flaxen coloured thread that I picked up for 6 krona from the thrift store last week.


I had the man give my chosen word the ‘all clear’ before I started stitching. Today’s choice was a word I found in the classroom ordbook during my break at SFI. I fell head over heels for ‘Trolsk,’ a word which translates to magic or bewitching.


I accompanied it with the Eihwaz rune, because of it’s connection to the most magical tree for the ancient Germanic people – the yew tree. Getting it into the frame (which I also found the thrift store for 15 krona) was a fucking nightmare. How I did it I have no bloody idea, but it was worth every frustrating second.

The man and I have recently been getting our act together in terms of keeping our home tidy…and it makes the world of difference when it comes to getting work done. I want to do nothing more than sit and create when my work space i.e. the kitchen looks like this.


The thought of starting up a Tumblr blog where I can gather embroidery inspo has been throwing itself around in my head all day long, so probably by this time tomorrow I’ll have gone ahead and done it. That or start one here. What do you think? Tumblr ot WordPress? I would love, in a few months time (so in March), to be at the point where I can actually make obscure pieces to sell on Etsy. Right now, I’m fighting the temptation to reach for my threads and start something new…



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