Re-watching Halloween

My boyfriend has an undying love for John Carpenter’s Halloween, and I can honestly say that I’ve never met someone so fiery passionate about a movie before – and the time for us to watch it together arrived last night. It felt somewhat ritualistic as he dimmed the lights and I put a candle in the pumpkin. It had been over a decade since I was first introduced to Michael Myers, so our second meeting was well overdue.

My man is a walking Halloween encyclopedia, and I couldn’t contain my excitement as he pointed out one piece of trivia after another after another…the fact the film wasn’t shot in October, but actually in August…that the leaves on the ground were made out of paper, that the actor who played Myers couldn’t make it one day so the producer had to fill in.

The unsettling atmosphere provided by Halloween is what’s lacking in the majority of today’s horror offerings. The soundtrack played a crucial role in preserving the sinister feeling throughout the entire film. Today the attitude is so often ‘let’s just throw this in. It’ll do.’ Back in the day though soundtracks possessed great value, and in my humble opinion, the music that accompanies Michael Myers as he carries out his gristly calling is one of the most unnerving soundtracks to have ever been produced.

We’ve watched hundreds of movies during the nine months that we’ve been together, but experiencing Halloween side by side was something extra special.

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