Bob Basset’s Dragon Backpack

When I say I would give a limb for this dragon backpack by Bob Basset, I mean it. I have no idea how much it costs…but I’m imagining it’ll be near the region of a grand or two…or three.

12189906_552302308256865_5038497832754013494_n 12190941_552302431590186_4016708942161511029_n 12191528_552302594923503_4650495423707511868_n 12196307_552302314923531_8000859280532836486_n 12208687_552302331590196_7942983443194037996_n 12219519_552302411590188_8300753250215727268_n 12227550_552302501590179_4869002128349553781_n 10984293_552302484923514_3032797817492369414_n 11254733_552302611590168_3864581590186524089_n 12189902_552302511590178_7795688570066286887_n

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