Katie Eleanor

When I read that photographer Katie Eleanor was born in 1993 I had to do a double take. I can remember what I was doing in 1993 like it was yesterday. Her phantasmagorical photography – mostly made up of dreamlike settings inhabited by ethereal figures – looks as though it was crafted by the head and hands of someone with at least six decades behind them.

10847973_795842557124228_5576657757124730132_n 11265302_881116891930127_1686036396827855954_n 12191782_963728017002347_8718403344570467465_n 12193584_963728100335672_8801913983748159639_n 10404349_898316626876820_181847338637858603_n  1978747_901280116580471_921986383463743907_n  10295701_898316663543483_6978738055211432571_n 10393752_794795887228895_1973314952438446430_n

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