Interview : Waltkvlten

The work of German artist Knechter harks back to a different time, when the loudest sound on the hillside was cowbells, rather than the sizzling currents emitting from sky high pylons. The subjects and themes of his work speak to me on multiple levels, and I find myself returning to lose myself in his creations – as I do with the work of Theodor Kittelsen and John Bauer – time after time. I have to say that I’m extremely proud to be featuring his words and work on Wyrd Words & Effigies.

When did you first begin painting and creating art, and what was it that influenced you to do so?

I’ve had urges to be creative for as long as I can remember. When I was a child there was no particular influence to do so. It was just fun. Maybe there was an influence in the sense of it being heredity. So if you will, my parents influenced me in this way.



Your artwork strongly reminds me of the work of Theodor Kittelsen and John Bauer. Have these artists inspired your creative journey and which other artists do you look to for inspiration?

Of course the wonderful work of Theodor Kittelsen inspires me very much. I like his work a lot and so I’m glad that you compare my work with his. Beside him many other Scandinavian painters are great too, for example Erik Werenskiold or Einar Norelius. I also like romantic painters, for example, Caspar David Friedrich.

Tod eines Wanderers der pfiff

Tod eines Wanderers der pfiff




In which country is your artwork primarily set?

Most of my photos are taken in Germany. The Paintings could be everywhere and nowhere.

There is so much depth and atmosphere to each one of your creations. How long can a painting take from start to finish? Also, when you paint, is it outside or indoors? Are you looking at your subject or imagining it?

Depending on the theme, a painting may take from 1 hour up to 2 or 3 days. Up to now I have only painted indoors, because mostly it is digital work, so I have to do it indoors on my computer. Because a lot of my work is based on pictures I have taken myself it is a mixture of imagination and pictured reality but mainly imagination.

Tømmerhoggers Sorg

 Tømmerhoggers Sorg

What are your favourite materials to work with?

Like I said it is digital work. So the material is a graphic tablet + pen. But its definitely not my favourite material. Actually, I hate the difficult eye-hand coordination. I think in the future I will work in the traditional way. So I guess my favourite material will be pencil and paper. But not underestimate the great advantage of undo and erase at digital working method. To get along without being reliant of this there must be some more practice.

One of my favourite paintings of yours is Rueckkehr. Can you please talk about the inspiration behind this image?

Thanks! I’m glad you like it. It is based on a self-taken photo. So the inspiration was still there. The secluded and isolated cabin shown in a vast landscape made me think of a sort of counterpart. The hut as a home where a individual wants to come back and be there.

Die Nacht im Walde

Die Nacht im Walde

Which is your preferred medium? Photography or painting?

I can’t really decide. On the one side there is much possible with photography. But sometimes without manipulation or editing I think often it is not satisfactory and simply only a captured reality with no much room for fantasy and imagination. So it depends on the motive and if there is enough room for more than just the reality you also can see through your eyes just going outside. With painting , and like I said with manipulation and/or editing, you can add so much more.

Der Almabtrieb - Kyrne Trol

Der Almabtrieb – Kyrne Trol


Aside from nature and folklore, what else inspires you?

Standing in front of huge and old paintings in museums and galleries, strong, aggressive music but also calming, meditative music.



When did you fascination with nature and folklore begin, and do you have a favourite folklore tale?

I’ve loved nature since I first encountered it. The earliest folklore I liked and can remember are the well known Grimms’ fairy tales. Besides these deep childhood memories, I like local tales and fables from regions I know, and of course Scandinavian folklore. But there are a lot out there so I don’t really have a favourite one.

Abends im Tann

Abends im Tann

Where do we need to go to see more of your work? &, a website is under construction and will be announced or linked on Tumblr or deviantArt

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