Intriguing Instagrammers : Forndom

A few years ago I interviewed Swedish artist Forndom under his former name Heathen Harnow.  Much has happened since then, including the take off of his music career. (If you haven't yet been mesmerized by his rituals of sound, you may do so here.) I have always appreciated Forndom's photography, and have enjoyed watching it… Continue reading Intriguing Instagrammers : Forndom

Sound Of The Day : Forndom

I've been an admirer of multi-talented Swedish artist Forndom (formally known as Heathen Harnow, you can read an interview here) for a long time. It was his photographic work which initially enchanted me, and then, when he started to compose music, I fell in love with that too. The track you're about to experience is… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Forndom