Sound Of The Day : Ghaal’s Wyrd

I should have been at the very first live performance from Ghaal's Wyrd in Bergen as I was volunteering at the Blekk Metal Festival, but sadly the show was at 1am and after a full day of volunteering I was falling asleep on my feet. Fortunately the show was recorded, and here you can sample… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Ghaal’s Wyrd

Blekk Metal Documentary

Way back in November 2015 I volunteered at Blekk Metal in Norway, and was interviewed briefly for a documentary that was being made about the festival. Now, I don't know if my few words will end up in the film, but I'm excited to share with you the trailer that has recently been made available.… Continue reading Blekk Metal Documentary

Review : Norwegian Rat Shopping Bag

I first encountered clothing company Norwegian Rat while undertaking research for my upcoming book Hyperborean Shadows : Contemporary Dark Northern Culture, and they immediately struck me as something really bloody special. Founded in an unsuspecting, quiet little village called Etne, in the West Fjords of Norway, Norwegian Rat are inspired by the dark and mysterious… Continue reading Review : Norwegian Rat Shopping Bag