I don’t know how it’s happened that I haven’t Featured Swedish artist Axel Torvenius before, but it’s with great pleasure that I introduce you folks to his work today. All of what he creates – from back patches to sculptures – leans towards dark, occult and heathen themes.

My Etsy history is a 2 folded one. I registered an account in 2010 to sell my sculptures and original art. Using it as an online base for keeping track of those sales was easy, but in late 2016 and early 2017 me Etsy shifted focus. It started with that I wanted a plain and simple pin that said “satan”. Since I couldn’t find one on the entire internet that I liked, I figured I needed to make it happen myself. From then and onward I have been slowly increasing the catalog and expanding the stock with all sorts of products. – Axel Torvenius

I’ve spent most of the afternoon fawning over the pins and patches on the Torvenius Etsy shop, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites. (I purchased several of the things I’ve posted, but I’ll save telling you which ones for when they arrive and I do a little review.)

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