An Interpretation Of Elly Kedward

I am smitten with this statuette by Rumtucket Trading Co of Elly Kedward from The Blair Witch Project.

In the film and “documentary”, we were given lots of hints, allusions, and backstory for the Witch, but never got to see her. I loved how that allowed me to invent her in my head, making her as scary or creepy as I liked.

That being said, this is less a sculpture of the !Blair Witch! FINAL FORM! Rather, this is a sculpture of that liminal moment in the life of Elly Kedward when she made the choice to return to Blair for revenge to embrace herself as the embodiment of the Blair Witch. – Rumtucket Trading Co

1 thought on “An Interpretation Of Elly Kedward”

  1. The statue is impressive in texture and detail. It tells part of the story and begs the rest. We’re left wanting more, which is just right.

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