Baba Yaga’s House Part II

When I was done with my previous post, I felt compelled to return to Etsy and look for more Baba Yaga’s House inspired artworks and jewellery to share with you. Here are my favourite discoveries.

Freyja Jewels / Enamel Pin
Witchy Sticher / Cross Stich Pattern
Little Ghouls Art / Art Print
Freyja Jewels / Pendent
Lorena Carrington / Brooch, Earrings & Book Set
The Creeping Moon / Art Print
Formvollendung / Earrings
Florian Oscar Artist / Embroidery Hoop
Endless Horror / Art Print

2 thoughts on “Baba Yaga’s House Part II”

  1. The earrings are charming. In fact, they look like charms. I’m especially drawn to the enamel pin and the creative aspects there. The chimney looks like a minaret to me.

    Thanks for sharing these!

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