Queen Of Wyrd

2019 so far? Honestly, what the fuck was that? Every month for me has had its nasty troubles, and I find it somewhat remarkable that I’m still here writing to you. (There are some fantastic memes that have helped me through the quagmire of 2019 so I think I’ll do a post just for them soon.)

But now, as I stand here in August, I feel that little bit stronger than I did last month. I can go, for some hours most days, without wallowing in all the shit stuff that’s been, and that, for me, is a fucking enormous achievement. To have time when I’m focusing on something that doesn’t make me sick with grief or anger is to be celebrated. I’ve also started on new medication, after being on the same prescription for over ten years, and have handled the fact that I have a dodgy heartbeat with, I believe, great courage. So to celebrate this, I wanted to do a photo series that was quite…mighty and memorable.

I’ve become quite enamored with crowns of late, and have been experimenting with making my own. (If I were to tell you how long it took me to make a crown out of cardboard you would laugh my 1st Class Degree with honours out of the door, across the hill and away.)

To spite my enemies (yes, I have real ones) I decided to slather myself in blood too because, if you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that it’s one of my favourite things to do. If you would like a DIY post on how I make my blood, let me know and I can do one, no probs.

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