I’m Quite Peculiar About My Tea Cups

I think that tea tastes better in certain cups. There, I’ve said it. But I don’t think I’m the only one. I can’t be the only one to think this. I know it sounds a bit OCD, potentially a bit superstitious, but I believe the deliciousness of my tea can depend on what cup it is.

I have several particular cups which I will always reach for, and this bat cup here is one of them. A gift about 15 years ago from my mum (she bought it from Whitby) this gorgeous pot mug is my main go-to. Its ability to comfort me when my mood is particularly terrible is weird and wonderful. Who would have thought a cup could have such power?

_MG_9083-2 - Copy (1)

When I have a cup of tea, it’s a special moment in the day. When I finish my cup of tea at breakfast, I immediately look forward to the cup of tea I’ll have after lunch. When I finish my cup of tea after lunch, I look forward to the tea I’ll have mid-afternoon and so on… I don’t like being asked to do something when I’ve just brewed a cup. (I don’t think anyone does…) The time, while the tea is still piping hot, is sacred, and a few minutes away from it will bring it to a tepid temperature which really minimizes the enjoyment of ‘the special moment.’

I know people will be pissed about this, but…I’ve been known to throw away cups of tea that have cooled down too much, and then make myself another, because I believe life is too short not to fully enjoy a cuppa. I believe in the ritual of making a proper brew, in a cup I love and taking a few minutes to damn well enjoy it in as quiet a place as I can find in amongst the rush of the everyday.

p.s. Milk in last. Always.

4 thoughts on “I’m Quite Peculiar About My Tea Cups”

  1. I’m super curious as to how you take your tea, what kind of tea you drink, how is it sweetened, what sort of milk? As a coffee-drinking American, tea always feels like a bit of a novelty (novel-tea? hee hee!) to me. And as I’ll typically go for a noncaffeinated herbal tisane, I mean, I don’t think I can even technically call it “tea”! Maybe if I knew what I was supposed to be drinking, and the proper way to drink it, that would all change…

    1. The way I take my tea is typically called ‘builders brew’ in England – strong, a splash of milk and one sugar. I used Yorkshire tea bags most of the time and let it brew in the cup for 2.5-3 mins. I’ve never liked the taste of coffee so it’s always been tea for me! People used to look at me funny in Sweden when I’d say that… I can’t do herbal teas. I burnt my tongue on a cup of camomile tea when I was 7 and the awful memory has stayed with me. Plus, the taste of herbal teas makes me gag most of the time…so I respect anyone who can drink them and enjoy them! x

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