Sound Of The Day : Game Of Thrones – The Bells


All day I’ve been seeing posts complaining about The Bells AKA episode 5 of series 8 of Game Of Thrones, be it because folk think the Dragon Queen has gone mad or because they think the episodes are getting shittier as we draw ever closer to the end.

I’ve just finished watching it and honestly? Holy fucking dragon fire, it was E.P.I.C.  Almost as epic as The Battle Of Winterfell. My emotions didn’t know what to do with themselves half the time, and I even found myself slightly pitying Cersei when she was crying to Jamie that she didn’t want to die.

One of the things that made this episode so magnificent was the music score. All the way through I was mumbling, ‘this music though…this music…’ The chills were strong, tonight. Here’s a taste of the score if you haven’t watched the episode. Enjoy!

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