Deandri Sale : The Nosferatu Dress

I’m not in the best of moods right now. The news on the bat wing was that Deandri were having a Memorial Weekend Sale and I thought ‘now, NOW it’s my time to get that fucking gorgeous Nosferatu Dress that I’ve had my eye on for about a century. The most perfect dress ever to be crafted by a human hand.’

I launched myself into my online bank account, everything crossed that I’d have just enough and already thinking about what size my bust was…sadly though, it turned out I was a few quid off.

But just because I’m unable to clinch one, doesn’t meat that you should miss out.

Ladies, behold, the Nosferatu Dress, originally £100 now $80. If they discontinue this dress I think I will actually die. I’m still holding onto the hope that one day it’ll be mine.

For the record, the Memorial Weekend Sale extends to plenty of other products, but you’ll need to be bloody quick because it ends today!



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