List Of Lust

I haven’t had much chance to ‘lust’ after a lot this week. My arse has been cemented to the couch and I’ve been writing almost non-stop about babies. When I haven’t been writing about babies, I’ve been lying horizontal unable to catch some zzz’s and warring with a brain that want’s to remind me about everything terrible that’s ever happened in my life, and why I’m going to fail miserably at what I want to do.

But a few things managed to spirit through the cracks and get to me.

The Eternal Light Necklace – Burial Ground

Oh Burial Ground, Burial Ground, Burial Ground. You are never one to disappoint, Burial Ground. I remember contacting Bill Crisafi several years ago when Burial Ground was still a fledgling project. I wanted to interview him, but he kindly asked if I’d wait until they were a bit higher of the ground. I said of course.

I can’t say I’m surprised that Jamie Mooers and Bill Crisafi have reached the heights they have with their endeavour. Everything they do and have ever done is impeccable, including The Eternal Light Necklace which I’m more obsessed with than I’ve been about pretty much anything else my whole life.

“This piece was originally inspired by Freya’s Brísingamen (gleaming torc) necklace. We have translated this to have the crystals represent a light within the seer that never goes dim.” – Burial Ground

Made out of white bronze or sterling silver, and cast from twigs, The Eternal Light Necklace features several raw quartz (my favourite crystal!) points of different sizes.

Norwegian & Corriedale Lamb’s Wool Shawl (Soil) – Biek Verstappen

Since I featured this fucking remarkable piece of dark fashion art by Biek Verstappen in my Dress Me In Horror Feature I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. The only thing separating me and it is the $1,220 price tag.

“From her atelier in a 19th century warehouse in the center of Amsterdam, Biek Verstappen creates wearable cloths using natural fibres such as raw silk and bamboo, angora, camel and yak hair as well as wool from several breeds of sheep. During the entire process, from selecting the perfect Wensleydale curl to dyeing the fibres, she works in solitude, relying on her instinct and enjoying the quietness, intimacy, peace and softness inherent to the material.” – Biek Verstappen

I’d never encountered Biek Verstappen before finding this shawl in Ovate’s new endeavour Cendre, but now I’m watching everything the Amsterdam based designer does, living in the hope that one day I’ll be able to show my support and invest in this  shawl.

What are you lusting after this week?

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