New From Nuit

Is your wardrobe ready for winter? I know mine needs some serious attention. I’ve been borrowing my boyfriend’s hat for fucks sake. I live in Sweden, it’s been snowing for a week and I don’t actually have a winter hat to call my own. I’m heading back to England for a short holiday in two weeks, and wondering if I can keep nabbing his until then when I can get the one I foolishly left behind. It’s that or hitting the thrift stores to see if I can find something for under 50 krona. But anyway. Not having money doesn’t stop me from eying up the wares that I would ideally like to be draping myself in. On this occasion, it’s the soon to be released offerings from Nuit.

For those of you who have something of a healthy bank account, tomorrow you will be able to find a Tournure mini-capsule collection, featuring two boiled wool jackets – including the style below which I am utterly besotted with – and a range of sweaters and accessories. If I was able, I would be supporting Nuit on a regular basis. Not only am I taken with pretty much everything this Canadian dark fashion label puts out, but I also highly respect the way in which designer and founder Anastasia Ikonnikova shuns the fast fashion movement, and works to instead embrace a more ethical and sustainable approach with her creations.


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