Shopping In The Dark : Dolls Kill (Black Boots Special)

I live in my army boots. I’ve been wearing the same style since 2010 and can’t envisage a life without them. (French Rangers in case you were wondering…) But every now and then, I’ll be led down the road of temptation, and will cobble together lists of the shoes I’ll take in when I can afford to. Today the road of temptation was illuminated by Haute Macabre, and a post they published featuring Dolls Kill Skaten Boots.

I’d never previously explored Dolls Kill before, so took my time mining my way through their shoe section, paying particular attention to the boots. The product display is exceptional, and the website is so user friendly that you kind of just want to hang around to make sure that you haven’t missed out on anything. The prices of the boots which beckoned me were also refreshingly reasonable, which gives me hope for the future.

Piece of advice : Dolls Kill is a vast site. Give yourself plenty of time, especially if you intend to look at more than shoes.


Beast Platforms – $88


Your Highness Leather Boots – $150


Jane Doe Boots – $98

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