Penny Dreadful : The End

I have been an avid follower of Penny Dreadful since the very beginning. I can remember dreading the end of the series coming, even before the first episode was over.

The quality of the writing, the exquisite costumes, the unforgettable dialogue, the ambience of the locations, the stirring music…everything was stitched together so perfectly, so perfectly that it was hard to leave the show alone, it was hard to go back to ordinary life after being absorbed in an episode or two or three…

The moment I caught sight of Vanessa Ives my immediate reaction was ‘this woman is my spirit animal,’ and I didn’t want to go for too long without looking at her face, or admiring her costumes or hearing what thoughts plagued her.

The final series was a joy, and I hurtled through it, hungrily lapping up the fresh blood brought in by new characters and their tales. But the last episode came too soon, and I found myself dissatisfied by the ending given to one of my all-time favourite shows.

But, I feel proud that Britain had a role to play in the creation of this monumental show, and that the very greatest of Britain’s literary monsters were given the opportunity to be re-born into new stories.

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