The Witches & Wraiths Of Instagram : Batlecter

Instagram has been really good to me of late. I’ve been introduced to so many darkly inspirational accounts. I’ve actually had to start being a little bit strict with myself with how long I’ll spend on my phone, because days and nights could pass without me even looking up.

My most recent uncovering was batlecter, the alluring account of Magdalena Batlecter (such a beautiful witchy name…). She is a visual artist with a talent for crafting headpieces and creating stunningly spooky sketches and photographs. I’ve only known about her for a day and a half but already she has inspired me on a profoundly deep level. (I have two pairs of antlers which I have rarely put on my head…after seeing Magdalena’s posts I can’t wait to experiment with them and create some new art.) If you don’t hear anything from me for a few days, you’ll know I will have got lost in the corridors of her Instagram posts or impaled myself on an antler tip.

Question – Is it possible to love an Instagram account too much?–DBdj/?taken-by=batlecter

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