Wyrd Words & Effigies Collaborates With Nordland Publishing


An exciting announcement! I will be collaborating once again with Nordland Publishing to unleash a new anthology into the world.

At Wyrd Words And Effigies we celebrate the strange and the shadowy, the damned and unseen.

Now the time has come to pay tribute to the night and its secrets. Darklore, The Witching Hour, is the first in a series of anthologies created in collaboration with Nordland Publishing.

Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, black and white illustrations and photography will be considered on any topic related to witchcraft.

Work may have been previously published elsewhere, but please mention so when submitting.

Email all submissions and queries to : darklore@nordlandpublishing.com with the words WITCHCRAFT SUBMISSION as the subject.

Please submit all work in Microsoft Word format.

Images : 6 per submission. Please submit high resolution images in JPEG format.

Deadline : 1st September 2016

Websites : http://www.nordlandpublishing.com/


Release your darkness – Welcome to Darklore.

Ведьма (witch) made in 1897 by an unknown artist.

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