Shopping In The Dark : Strange Beauty Special

Here is the third installment of my series Shopping In The Dark, and it’s a bit of a special one. Seen as though I’ve recently undergone a transformation with my hair, and am increasing in confidence with my makeup on a daily basis, I thought it would be a great idea to find and uncover some of the best (dark) hair and beauty products that I’ve found on Etsy.

I hope that you enjoy my selection (click on the pictures to be taken straight to the product you want to check out further!) and please feel free to get in touch at or in the comment box below if you know of an Etsy shop that needs a mention. I’m also available for reviews if you have a product that you would like to see given the Wyrd Words & Effigies treatment.

//// I \\\\


I’ve recently had my hair cut off (28cm to be exact) and, to top it off, I’ve had a fringe done. I haven’t been the owner of a fringe since I was under ten and had blonde hair. This monumental change to my style – and the fact I’ve had black hair now for nearly fifteen years – has made me really eager to experiment further with the help of wigs, and work on building up my self-confidence where my look is concerned.

Miss Violet Lace (lovely name, right?) popped up in my search when I went hunting for white wigs. Run by Krista and Sandy, from southern Minnesota, Miss Violet Lace was founded in 2010 with the core belief that nature and skincare are symbiotic. This is why Miss Violet Lace products contain only the finest ingredients. Krista and Sandy believe that beautifying and caring for your body shouldn’t mean sacrificing health and wellness.

I was immediately smitten with their wide range of high quality, ready to ship wigs, and linked a dozen or so to my personal wish list, including this Long Platinum Wig. Not only are the wigs from Miss Violet Lace affordable but they’re also are all heat resistant, so you are able to curl, straighten, crimp and wave as much as you like.

As well as providing an eclectic range of luxury wigs, Miss Violet Lace also offers botanical skin  and hair care products, all hand made in small batches. Including the Stardust Shimmer Whip, a dreamy body butter made from, shea butter, organic coconut extract and coconut milk powder that has been whipped to provide complete hydration.

It was incredibly difficult to choose just four wigs to share, but having black hair makes me lust after pale, ghostly manes, so I kept this in mind when I was making my choices.





//// II \\\\


I only really started using makeup in my late teens, and, even-though I turn thirty in a few months time, the only lipstick colour I currently own is black. I’ve been craving different shades for quite some time now, but have never really had the courage to push myself and actually use lipstick that isn’t matte black.

Since having my hair cut, I’ve felt even more strongly that I would like to experiment with lip colour and see where it takes me, both on a physical and emotional level. Adding a different shade to my face will feel a little unnatural at first, but then I think that I’d blossom like flower that opens only under the moonlight…or something to that effect.

DNA Cosmetics wowed me with their spectacular range of lip colours, which included many shades similar to those that I’d seen on witchy Instagrammers. Two of my favourite lipsticks include the Beautiful Disaster Liquid Lipstick  and the Passion Liquid Lipstick I was also delighted to learn that all of DNA cosmetics are cruelty free. It was a joy to discover that the owner has, from a very young age, developed a passion for beauty products, and it it has always been their dream to start a cosmetics line, where there is a shade for everybody.





\\\\ III ////


I know quality when I see it, and when I landed on the Webster Wigs Etsy Page, quality is the word that followed me around as I made my way through the pages and pages of exquisite hair, fit for any proud wyrdo.

Based in London, Webster Wigs was founded by Josh Webster. who has a passion for creating and styling Synthetic Lacefront wigs. Josh’s work has been seen in Vogue Italia and several Broadway shows world wide. Drag queens and burlesque performers form a large percentage of Josh’s client base, and he prides himself on making all of the custom orders himself.

Some of my favourite wigs include the Halle – Steel Grey Wig. The gorgeous, bouncy curls are something I’m unable to achieve with my own hair without the use of heaps of products. I’m also infatuated with the Amelia Pure White Wig. Like the rest of Josh’s wigs, Amelia is made from a high quality heat safe synthetic fibre. This means that you can use heat tools up to 170c degrees to curl or straighten her. A free wig cap  and care and restyling guide is included with each order.

For an in-depth insight into Webster Wigs, and how they actually look on a real live person, I would highly recommend you check out this video made by the beautiful Alexis Stone.

Below you’ll find four favourite wigs that have gone straight onto my wish list.





 \\\\ IV ////


Natural is becoming something of a crucial word to look out for whenever I’m on the scout out for new makeup. As I’m approaching thirty, skin care is becoming so much more important to me. I’ve always had sensitive skin, but it’s never really been something that I’ve given much thought to. A few years ago I hardly gave a thought as to what I was slapping on my face and body…and I regret that. But it’s never too late to make positive changes, and that’s where shops such as Etherealle come in.

Etherealle is a company which offers handmade, natural beauty product products which celebrate a whimsical, feminine style. Cynthia is the lady at the helm, and her personal experience with sensitive skin – along with an adoration for cosmetics – is what set the ball rolling, as she formulated her own skin care recipes using only the very best ingredients. She makes all of the products herself, and sees her much adored customers as a continual source of motivation.

There’s an eclectic range of products available at Etherealle, including a gorgeous Perfect Skin Primer and Finishing Veil which I will have to get my hands on. I’ve been struggling to get the right primer and powder for my skin for a worryingly long time, but from the looks of things, this finishing veil might be exactly what I need. It’s been a nightmare for me to try and find a dark red lipstick, but when I saw the Carnelian Lipstick I knew I had finally found the shade I’d been looking for.

Below are four of my very favourite products from Etherealle. I’m looking forward to filling my Etsy basket when the time comes to treat myself.





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